Day 1: Saturday 6 December 2014

12h00                 Opening by filmpresetation BogotaZonderHonger

12h30 - 18h00    Arts and crafts exhibition, entertainment

16h00 - 18h00    Musical & Poetical intermezzos


Day 2: Sunday 7 December 2014

12h00 - 16h00    Arts and crafts exhibition, entertainment

13h00                 Introduction by Peter van Boekel, Alderman Art & Culture municipality Bernheze

14h00 - 15h00    Round table discussion "Art as Social Practice"

15h00 - 16h30    Cocktail party

17h00 - 18h00    Charity auction

18h00                 Closure

Event description


Children are our future. Around the world, a great number of children still live in poor circumstances. The foundation 'BogotaZonderHonger' aims to help these children, and especially those in Bogota, Colombia.


Exposition and Auction

In close cooperation with the BogotaZonderHonger foundation, STUDIO EKATERINA is organising a two-day event with the dual goal of providing a podium to international artists, both established and emerging, to present their artworks and providing support to the foundation and therefore the children in Bogota through the organization of an auction. Artist participation in the event will be free of charge. Instead, the artists are requested to donate a part of the auction proceeds of their works  to the foundation.

In addition, school children will participate by creating their own artworks that will also be auctioned.


Thus, the title of the event "Treasures for the Future" refers both to the children of Bogota and the artworks.


There will be musical performances, traditional crafts (both local and international) and story-telling / poetry readings will take place throughout the event.


Round Table discussion

As a very important part of "Treasures for the Future", we invite you to participate in a Round Table discussion on "Art as Social Practice".

"Art as social practice" is a phrase often used to characterize a socially conscious form of creative expression that seeks to engage the artist and artwork in humanitarian struggle.

Art can and should be more than, as Seneca said, an "imitation of nature", or art for art's sake. Over the years, art has been driven by religion, commissions, decorative purposes, protests, propaganda, and more. We suggest that contemporary artists devote a portion of their time to effect a better future for themselves and others - to use art as activism, as social practice. Artists' boundless creativity can be used to socially inspire the future. Artists can and should create some artworks as social practice to attempt to persuade viewers and influence emotions, attitudes, opinions, and actions to change the world for the better. This, in our opinion, is the present and future role of art, craft, and photography.

The Round Table will include discussions on the connection of art, photography, and craft with various social issues that can change the world of art and that can socially, politically, and philosophically represent the direction of society; as well as discussions on art as a physical object that occupies space versus one that takes on an active role of its own.



Peter van Boekel, Alderman Art & Culture municipality Bernheze, Netherlands

Ruurd Hallema, Ambassador of Amsterdam Art City, Netherlands

Prof. Kari Rady, Art Historian, USA

Prof. Arsen Melitonyan, Professor of cultural anthropology, Russia

Prof. Lola ZVONAREVA, Professor and art critic, Russia

Lyza Sahertian, Ambassador of European Capital of Culture, France

Clemens Briels, Artist and gallerist, Netherlands 

Jenneke Harings, Brabant Knowledge Center Art & Culture (BKKC), Netherlands

Ekaterina KRUCHKOVA, Creator and event manager, Netherlands